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Tank Weighing Systems

Tank Weighing

Our innovations and taking into account the needs of our customers position the brand PRECIA MOLEN as a driving force in our market. The quality of our know-how, the persistence of our research in design and manufacturing, guarantee you the quality, accuracy, and reliability of our electronic weighing systems and load cells ranges when it comes to tank weighing. Our load sensors are compliant with international regulations to ensure optimum safety and the best performance wherever weighing is an integral part of your production processes.
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Tank Weighing Systems

Bulk Weighing Systems

Our range of belt scales is designed to meet your requirements to weigh online, products from powder up to 500 mm blocks, on conveyors up to 3 m wide belt, running at a speed up to 6 m/s handling flow rates up to 20 000 t/h.

In addition, a wide range of extractors, volumetric as well as gravimetric, belt or screw based, in standard size or duly customized to fit your production line constraints, allows you reaching the accuracy level needed by your process.

Through dedicated software, you will drive all the applications you want as truck pre-loading in open or tightened circuit, food processing, mixing plant, dosing or automatic loading in Legal for Trade as per OIML R50 requirements.

Need to upgrade an old scale to get an up-to-date instrument? Basic or complex, single or multi-channel, stand-alone or in communication with your site management tool, our range of weighing electronics will get the answer.
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Tank Weighing Systems

Weighing Bridge And Access Control

PRECIA MOLEN puts at your disposal a know-how based on more than 50 years of experience in installing tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world. And to manage the access on your site, discover our large range of driver terminal. Our latest innovations in the service of your entry/exit management!

From the design to the manufacture in our manufacturing plants, from the platform to the heart of the system, the load cell and the weighing software for your business, to the self -service weighing terminals, PRECIA MOLEN offers a comprehensive range of solutions for truck, lorry, wagon and road-rail weighing.
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Tank Weighing Systems

Weighing Indicator

Do you need easy-to-use, quality weighing indicators? PRECIA MOLEN offers different models in stainless steel or thermoplastic with an intuitive interface, to fit your environment and your needs. They can be integrated into any industrial process that requires weight measurement.
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benefits of our industrial weighing indicators

The benefits of our industrial weighing indicators

Our wide range of indicators offers various weighing solutions and dosing possibilities. The primary purpose of an indicator is to be connected to digital or analog load cells, in order to restore the weight of the objects to be weighed. This range of weighing systems also offers several options: analog output, field bus, management of inputs / outputs.

  • An intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Customizable and connected: Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet
  • Can be integrated into any type of platform, within an installation, in a cabinet or against a wall
  • The quality materials used for our indicator ranges protect against dust and water projections according to the IP66 index.

Easy to use remotely

Whether it is a weighbridge measure or in a production area, you can remotely control the weighing indicator via PC or smartphone and use the data that is transferred in real time to the ERP system, in CSV or Txt. The collected data management, essential for a better productivity, is facilitated. Several applications are available: Weigh2control and Weigh2flow for the i40 BS Connected indicator and Truckflow for the weighbridge indicators.

Weigh2control is an application on phone, tablet or Windows that connects to the indicator. Weigh2flow is another app that allows you to connect up to 20 scales on the same site or on different sites. Truckflow is a PC software for managing weighbridge weighing scale.

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