Steam and water analysis system (SWAS) for power plants

Protect your power plant with highly reliable SWAS solutions

How we can help

With our sophisticated SWAS solutions, you have the quality of your feed water completely under control. Take advantage of highly efficient monitoring of multiple, even complex parameters at a central location. Consistently pure water helps to minimize process downtime and prolong the life of your power plant. You reliably comply with limit values; traceability and secure data management provides proof of water quality at any time. The turnkey systems are easy to commission and operate.

  • Get standardized or customized solutions for your power application quickly, easily and cost-effectively, equipped with high-tech analysis instrumentation, user-friendly operation and CE marking.
  • Improve quality management and simplify asset management of your facility with user-friendly documentation tools thanks to Liquiline and Memosens Technology for full calibration traceability and predictive maintenance.
  • Experience ease and safety in maintenance and process due to Memosens technology and the available electro-deionization cation exchanger, that continuously regenerates the resin, without the use of chemicals, and thus protects process and staff.
  • Take advantage of seamless system integration into your existing PLCs with various interfaces that provide convenient integration via analog, digital and IIoT connectivity.
  • Screw the SWAS panel to the wall, connect it to power and water, and off you go – installing and commissioning measuring points couldn't be easier. Remain future-proof, as you receive all parameters and worldwide support from a strong partner.

Hardware & Software

  • Water analysis of all critical parameters such as pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity (total, cationic/acid, degassed and differential), turbidity, sodium, silicate, ammonium, TOC. Additional parameters and third party sensors on demand.
  • Sample preparation with temperature and pressure reduction system up to 320 bar and 575°C.
  • Measurement of up to eight parameters with one user-friendly Liquiline transmitter.
  • ATEX Portfolio on demand.
  • Integrated pH value calculation using differential conductivity.
  • Digital flow monitoring for each sensor assembly: signal when no sample is available.
  • Cost-effective cation exchanger with calculation of the remaining cation exchange capacity or: Electro-deionization cation (EDI) exchanger without the need for exchanging the resin.
  • Grap sample valve as option.
  • Automatic system shutdown if condensate temperature exceeds safety limits.
  • Space-saving SWAS Compact system for applications up to 50 bar and 240 °C, with sample cooler and measurement of up to 4 parameters (pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, total, cationic and differential conductivity), all integrated into one compact assembly.


  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Site acceptance test (SAT)
  • Certification (CE)
  • Commissioning by experienced Endress+Hauser service engineers
  • Worldwide installation, maintenance, and service from a single source