Differential Pressure Measurement Products

Continuous level, flow and differential pressure measurement

Differential pressure transmitters with piezoresistive pressure sensors and welded metallic membrane or electronic dp or diaphragm seal is used mostly in the process industry. Deltabar offers continuous level measurement in liquids as well as volume or mass flow measurement using primary elements. It is also possible to do filter monitoring with the differential pressure transmitter. Check out the broad range of Deltabar devices and click on the button below.

Differential Pressure Deltabar PMD55

Differential Pressure Deltabar PMD55

Metal sensor for measuring the pressure differences.

Standard Accuracy:
up to 0.1%

Platinum Accuracy: 
up to 0.075%

Max. measurement error:
Standard: 0.1%
Platinum: 0.075%

Process temperature:
-40 °C...85 °C
(-40 °F...185 °F)

Medium temperature range:
Temperature gradient from pressure piping

Pressure measuring range:

Process pressure absolute/max. overpressure limit:
160 bar

Main wetted parts:

Max. process pressure:

Material process membrane:
316L, AlloyC

Measuring cell:
10 Mbar...40 bar
(0.15...580 psi)
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Absolute and Gauge Pressure Measuring Principle

Silicon cell: The operating pressure deflects the process isolating diaphragm and a fill fluid transfers the pressure to a resistance bridge (semiconductor technology). The pressure-dependent change in the bridge output voltage is measured and evaluated.

Diaphragm seal: The operating pressure acts on the process isolating diaphragm of the diaphragm seal and is transferred to the process isolating diaphragm of the sensor by a fill fluid.


  • Universal dp transmitter for flow, level or filter applications
  • With diaphragm seal process temperatures from -70 up to +400°C (-94 to +752°F)
  • The electronic differential pressure system eliminates traditional mechanical issues resulting in greater process availability and reliability. Also safety risks are minimized with the electronic dp system architecture and design